1. Why was EiSi International formed?
    2. Should my company worry about conflict of interest with my participation in the organization?
    3. I am a member of IAAP.  Does my membership conflict with my membership to EiS International?
    4. I see that most of the events are located in the Houston area.  Are there programs and events located in other areas of the world?
    5. I would like to get involved in more of a leadership role.  Are there opportunities for that?



    • EiS International was formed to ensure that the administrative professionals have a thorough knowledge of not only administrative and soft skills but also a thorough and certifiable knowledge of the oil and energy industry and processes so that they are most effective and valuable to their management and to their companies.   It was also formed to provide valuable global networking opportunities.
    • No.  EiS International is a technical organization specifically geared toward sharing “industry” knowledge, very similar to SPE or AAPG.  It in no way is geared toward exposing or sharing specific company information and therefore is not a conflict of interest.
    • No.  EiS International is an organization specifically geared toward administrative professionals in the oil and energy industry.  Our programs, training and events are very specific in that regard.
    • Yes.  As we expand our global membership, look to see events in your regional area of the globe.
    • Yes.  There are leadership opportunities to participate as a Champion with EiS international.  Visit the Become an EiS Champion page to learn more about the requirements.